Blueprint Films are created with the purpose of telling stories with a purpose.  Check out the following short films…  Two Trees: What Kind of Tree are You? Restore: A Father-Son […]


    THE AIRSTREAM BASECAMP The Vision… To transform a vintage Airstream into a multipurpose basecamp that will serve in the following ways… 1. Outdoor Ability Restoration (OAR) The trailer will be […]

  • Event Video Recordings

    The recording of events is an important goal of Blueprint for Men.  Below is a sample of past events that have been archived.  Strong Men of God Retreat Session 1 […]

  • Podcasts and Blogs

    Podcasts and blogs are excellent teaching tools that Blueprint for Men will be creating in the months ahead. Below is an interview Marty Miller had with Greg Wilson of Little Light […]

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    You know that feeling. The feeling that you get when the engine is reving too high, it’s straining, it’s screaming at you to shift to higher gear.  You know what […]