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Blueprint for Men is a Christ-centered, relationship-based men’s ministry that helps men succeed and lead in every area of life. 

An Invitation…

Greetings Friend,

During the past several years I have witnessed the incredible transformation of many men through what is formally known as “men’s ministry”. While most church members have heard of men’s ministry there is widespread ignorance of what men’s ministry really is and why it is vitally important to the health of the church. I believe that relationship-based men’s ministry can strengthen families and the church like nothing else. Blueprint for Men provides leadership in addressing many of the issues facing men in the church today.

Blueprint for Men is committed to

  • providing men with a bold vision of God’s plan and purpose for their lives
  • developing strong leadership in men as they live out their God-given design
  • challenging men to live Christ-centered, courageous lives of uncompromising integrity
  • provide men with relationship-based manhood education, support, and accountability

The time is now for men to step-up and become the men of spiritual integrity that God designed them to be. Join me as we create a movement of authentic godly men!

Here’s to Building Men for Eternity,

Marty Miller

Founder | President