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Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of observing the profound transformation in numerous men, thanks to the impactful work of men’s ministry. Although the term “men’s ministry” is familiar to many within the church community, there’s a notable lack of understanding about its true essence and the critical role it plays in fortifying the church’s health. I’m convinced that a men’s ministry centered on building relationships has the unparalleled potential to bolster families and invigorate the church in ways we’ve yet to fully realize.

Our Mission

To empower husbands, fathers, and leader to live like Jesus, the Blueprint for Men.

Blueprint for Men provides leadership in addressing many of the issues facing men in the church today and is committed to… 

  • Providing men with a bold vision of God’s plan and purpose for their lives. 
  • Developing strong leadership in men as they live out their God-given design. 
  • Challenging men to live Christ-centered, courageous lives of uncompromising integrity. 
  • Providing men with relationship-based manhood education, support, and accountability.  

The time is now for men to step-up and become the men of spiritual integrity that God designed for them to be. Join me as we create a movement of authentic godly men! 

Here’s to Building Men for Eternity, 

Marty Miller
Blueprint for Men
Founder | President

Our Staff

Marty Miller

Founder & President

Tom Pyke

Executive Vice-President

Rudy Escobar

Spanish Translator

Grant Graves

Podcast Host

Brandon Bell

Communications Director

Our Board

Dan Koliadko

Board Chair

Gunter Wessels

Board Member

Jonathan Miller

Board Member

Tony Dalhberg

Board Member

Dave Ketelsen

Board Member