The Journey of the Intentional Father

Gentlemen, As we continue unpacking the art and science of fatherhood we discover that being a dad is a grand adventure.  From the tender years of infancy through the tough […]

Exodus: From Bondage to Freedom

Fellow Warrior, This iconic painting of George Washington and his valiant men crossing the frozen Delaware River cause me to feel both a sense of pride and an icy shiver […]

The Ultimate Price of Freedom

  When most of us men think of July we think of family vacations, ball games, cookouts, and fireworks on the 4th of July… Independence Day.  And because of this, […]

Becoming a Patriarch Ain’t for Sissies!

Gentlemen, As we wrap-up our June series on fatherhood I felt it would be important to focus on something that has been under attack for quite some time now, the […]

The 10 Roles of an Intentional Father

Reflecting on Father’s Day… If you’re a dad I hope you received some extra love and recognition from your children this past Father’s Day. I know that for me it […]

Fathers: The Strength of the Home

Because Father’s Day is coming up on June 16, our communication focus this month is fatherhood.  And since most of you reading this email are dads, and super busy, I felt […]

🌎 Unlocking the Book of Nature

For thousands of years the majority of men lived outside and labored with their hands. Jesus himself was intimately connected with the earth.  From the time of his birth till […]

Worshipping The Creator: The Three Angels Messages

Have you ever tried to stare into the sun? Just as its brilliant glare overwhelms our eyes, so too can the full glory of the Father be too intense for […]

🌎 The Mind-blowing “Awe” of The Creator

When was the last time, the awe of nature moved you to worship? In the quiet moments when we stand in awe of the vast night sky, or when the first light […]