Worshiping The Creator: The Three Angels Messages

Have you ever tried to stare into the sun?

Just as its brilliant glare overwhelms our eyes, so too can the full glory of the Father be too intense for us to behold. Yet, in the marvel of a celestial eclipse—where the moon acts as a shield from the sun’s intense light—we discover a profound parallel in the grace offered by Jesus. Like the moon during an eclipse, Jesus stands between us and God, covering our sins and enabling us to gaze upon divine glory without fear.

One day, we will stand before the Creator Himself, who will reveal this parallel and every other lesson hidden within His creation. This week, Marty has prepared a powerful message you won’t want to miss. It delves into the connection between God as the Creator and what this means within the context of the Three Angels’ Message. Even if you’re familiar with this topic, this fresh perspective is guaranteed to offer new insights.

Video: The Three Angels Message

At the center of Revelation’s 3 Angels Message is the call to worship the Creator which will become more and more important as we near the final scenes of earth’s history.

In this 25-minute video presentation, I will share the following central points.

1st Angel’s Message – Announcing the Good News… the building of God’s eternal kingdom.

  • Faithful Men – The fear/awe of God, worship the Creator, give him glory.
  • Judgement – A righteous judgement is coming!

2nd Angel’s Message – Announcing the Bad News… the crumbling of Babylon (Satan’s kingdom)

  • Rebellious Men – Don’t fear God, worship creation, self-glory. (implied)
  • Judgement – A self-righteous judgement is coming against God and faithful men. (implied)

3rd Angel’s Message – Announcing God’s Judgement

  • Judgement of Faithful Men – Those that worship the Creator, and endure till the end, will receive their heavenly reward.
  • Judgement of Rebellious Men – Those that worship the beast and its image, will be destroyed by fire.

Listen, watch, and be blessed!