We Need Your Help!

Dear Friend,

As we near the end of the year we humbly ask you to consider financially supporting Blueprint for Men.  Our families, our churches, our communities, and our world needs better men. And, our mission at Blueprint for Men is to build better men by the true Blueprint… Jesus Christ. Together we can make a greater impact in 2024.

This ministry can’t exist without the generosity of a few good men… and women like you! For those of you who have supported this ministry over the years we can’t thank you enough. For others of you, who have been powerfully impacted by this ministry, but haven’t contributed yet, we ask that you join the ranks of supporters and pay it forward so that other men can join us.

A gift of any size matters. Consider this…

If everyone recieving this email donated just $10 PER MONTH we would have enough money to fund this entire ministry! 

Would you be willing to be a new $10/month donor starting this month?  It would not only bless this ministry but it would bless many men and I bet it would even be a blessing to you as well. Of course we need the larger gifts so please don’t be limited to $10!

Please take a few minutes to watch my video message below. It will challenge your thinking about giving in God’s kingdom because, in God’s kingdom, we can be certain that you can’t outgive the Lord.  And there’s always more coming to replace what you give away. It’s a promise!

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

In closing, I would ask you to prayerfully consider supporting the work of this ministry as we wrap-up 2023 and build a stronger ministry in 2024. Thank you in advance for your support!

Here’s to Building Better Men with Him, 

Blueprint for Men

Founder | President

To make a donation click the button below.


Checks can be mailed to Blueprint for Men, 5050 Layton Lane, Apison, TN 37302


Men’s Discipleship Mountain 

Here at Blueprint for Men we embrace the call of the mountain; the call to join with other men to become like Jesus.  Every aspect of this ministry is a call to join with other men in the climb!  And our 2023 Annual Report is framed around Jesus call to every man.

Men’s Ministry Funnel

The men’s ministry funnel shown below gives an expanded view of how men’s ministry works. Our ministry is devoted to helping men move from isolation and brokenness into healthy community and wholeness. This pathway is the discipleship journey Jesus designed for every man. From resources to events to small groups, everything we do fits somewhere in this men’s ministry funnel.


   …as reflected in the discipleship pathway. 

LEVEL 1: Listen and Read

The invitation to “Come and See”


Grant Graves, our talented podcast creator, produces short podcasts that are perfect for your daily commute or working around the house.  


  • 50+ New Episodes stuffed full of powerful messages
  • 30,000 Downloads across 74 countries, a 100% increase
  • To check out our latest Blueprint for Men Podcast CLICK HERE
  • “Once you listen to one, you’ll listen to another, and then another… they are that good!” ~ Podcast Enthusiast


Brandon Bell, our Communications Director, makes sure that our weekly email is packed with wise tips and inspirational messages for every man. 


  • 2,500 Subscribers with a 40% open rate
  • To sign-up send a request to contact@blueprintformen.org
  • “It always seems to provide me with what I need, when I need it.” ~ Blueprint Reader


Marty Miller, career educator, has been busy writing several resources this year for fathers, husbands, and men’s leaders. Here are a few that will be launched in the next year. 


  • Adulting Challenge Blueprint
  • Manhood Rites and Blessings
  • The Roles of an Intentional Father
  • Men’s Ministry Blueprint
  • Men’s Ministry Leadership Course
  • The Blueprint System


Rudy Escobar is our Spanish translator in Colombia, South America. He does an amazing job converting our emails, documents, and videos into Spanish. If you would like to recieve Spanish resources please contact Rudolfo!  His email is escoflo2@gmail.com


  • Hundreds of Spanish speaking men around the world are now receiving our weekly email.
  • Increasing number of small groups are now available for Spanish speaking men.
  • All Blueprint for Men seminar presentations, training materials, and videos are now in Spanish.

LEVEL 2: Attend an Event

The invitation to “Follow Me”


Our entire leadership team works hard to ensure that our main events continue to be the best that they can be. Retreats are Holy Spirit-filled events that feed the masculine soul. Unforgetable! 


  • 350+ men were impacted by our 3 major retreats this year.
  • 10 men rededicated their lives to Christ though baptism.
  • “Most powerful spiritual experience of my life!” ~ Retreat Attendee


Marty Miller, Expedition Leader, spearheads most of our outdoor experiences. We believe that God created men to embrace the power and majesty of nature through outdoor adventure.  


  • Fire and Ice Winter Campout – view photoblog HERE
  • Daddy-Daughter Spring Wildflower Campout.
  • Rocky Mountain Alpine Adventure – view the photoblog HERE
  • “Once in a lifetime experience… epic!” ~ Adventure Seeker


A monthly gathering of men at the Outpost, our ministry headquarters.


  • Food, fellowship, worship, and blacksmithing!
  • If you’ld like to join us CLICK HERE.
  • “A man-code experience for regular guys like me.” ~Forged Man

LEVEL 3: Join a Group

The invitation to “Abide with Me”


Tom Pyke, our Small Groups Coordinator, ensures that our groups run as smoothly as possible. Small groups are where fellowship, encouragement, and accountability are found. 


  • Nearly 100 small groups with 600 group members
  • Groups for discipleship, manhood education, recovery, etc.
  • Community Service Teams coming in 2024!
  • To find out more about Blueprint for Men Groups CLICK HERE

LEVEL 4: Become a Leader

The invitation to “Be Fruitful in Me”


Our network continues to expand around the world. It’s exciting to see God leading in unexpected ways. 


  • Providing training and support for over 100+ men’s ministry leaders at 50+ churches.
  • Providing men’s ministry leadership for the 300,00 member Southern Union Conference.
  • Providing financial support and guidance for men’s ministry leaders around the world.


A New Brotherhood…

“Blueprint For Men opened the door to what it was like to be in a brotherhood. I always craved mentorship and connection with other men on a group level, I have always been too private and prideful to do much about it.” 

~ Young Adult Leader, late 20’s

A Saved Marriage…

“My marriage was in crisis due to sexual impurity. The crisis and God eventually led to me finding these groups.Now, my marriage and sex life are fantastic. I enjoy my role as a father and discipling and raising my kids. Life saved!” 

~ Restored Husband and Father, mid 40’s

A Transformed Spiritual Life…

“It’s hard to fully describe what Blueprint for Men has meant to me and done for me. It has been a vehicle to transform my spiritual life, it has provided resources to be a better mens ministry leader”

~ Small Group Leader in his 50’s


The Blueprint for Men leadership team would like to say thank-you to all of you that have faithfully supported this ministry over the years. Without you this ministry would not be able to operate. And we would like to also say thank-you in advance to all those that give today.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry as we close out 2023.  Any sized gift is appreciated!

To make a tax-deductable donation click the link below…


Checks can be mailed to Blueprint for Men, 5050 Layton Lane, Apison, TN 37302

Rick Patton, our ministry treasurer, does a great job at managing our ministry finances. If you have any questions about donations please contact Rick at finance@blueprintformen.org.