The Future of Men’s Ministry


Dear Brother,

Let’s be honest… you, me, and every other man is struggling to succeed in life for one reason or another. Research shows that for every 10 men in the church…

  • 9 will have kids leave the church
  • 6 will have a major problem with pornography
  • 4 will get divorced
  • 1 will have a biblical world view
  • And all 10 will struggle to balance work and family

When you reflect on these statistics you likely see yourself somewhere in the mix.  And for some of us it can be a bit discouraging to think about. So how did we get here… how did we get in this manhood mess?

The Manhood Crisis

Men, there is a manhood crisis.  We have major issues that we can’t ignore any longer.  The enemy has ramped up his efforts to destroy men in these last day and it’s time to fight back!  No longer can we continue to be passive and just hope and pray that things will just “work out”.  It’s time to take action!

The Manhood Solution

During the past several years I have witnessed the incredible transformation of many men through what is formally known as “men’s ministry”. And while most church members are familiar with men’s ministry there is continued ignorance of what men’s ministry really is and why it is important to the health of the church. So, what is men’s ministry?

Men’s Ministry Defined

Men’s ministry is simply a Christ-centered, relationship-based, discipleship program designed to transform ordinary men into extraordinary men for God.  This is primarily accomplished through small discipleship groups where men experience brotherhood, learn what godly manhood is all about, and find support and accountability. If done correctly men’s ministry strengthens families and the church like nothing else. So, to respond to this need, Blueprint for Men was created to provide leadership to grow men’s ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

What is Blueprint for Men?

Blueprint for Men is a non-profit men’s ministry that provides training and support for churches that seek to grow their men’s ministry.  During the past several years Blueprint for Men has helped grow men’s ministry within the Georgia-Cumberland Conference through large events and small group development.  Blueprint for Men has the vision of becoming the hub for men’s ministry in the Southern Union and beyond. Most importantly, Jesus is “The Blueprint” for every man to follow!

VISION 2020:  The Future of Men’s Ministry

The need for building strong men and strong men’s ministry is greater than it’s ever been. VISION 2020 is an ambitious strategy for building men’s ministry in our conferences which culminates in the Southern Union Men’s Convention 2021.  Key dates for 2019 are as follows…

  • March 8-10, 2019 – Florida Conference Men’s Convention – Camp Kulaqua
  • April 26-28, 2019 – Southern Union Men’s Leadership Summit – Cohutta Springs
  • Sep. 6-8, 2019 – KYTN/SC Conference Men’s Retreat – Indian Creek Camp
  • Sep. 7, 2019 (North American Division of SDA Men’s Ministries Day) – Men’s Rallies at Area Churches
  • Sep. 27-29, 2019 – Carolina Conference Men’s Retreat – Nasoca Pines Ranch
  • Oct 4-6, 2019 – GCC/SA Conference Men’s Retreat – Cohutta Springs

How do I Start a Men’s Ministry at My Church?

If you desire to start a men’s ministry at your home church contact Blueprint for Men to get started!  Our goal is to have men’s ministries at every church within the next five years!  To get started call, text, or email me using the contact information listed below. It’s been exciting the see increasing numbers of men begin groups in TN, GA, VA, TX, CA, CO, and even WY and we know this is just the beginning!  Most small groups meet weekly and follow a manhood curriculum while others are recovery groups. There is something for every man!

Regional Leaders Needed

As men’s ministry grows in the years ahead we need to have strong leadership emerge in each of our regions.  By the end of the year we hope to have leadership teams established that can plan and coordinate the large momentum events such as our rallies and retreats.  If you or any of your men desire to help with the next phase of growth contact me.

Join the Blueprint for Men Brotherhood!

In closing I would like to encourage you to join the Blueprint for Men Brotherhood.  It’s the essential first step in becoming involved in men’s ministry.  By joining our men’s ministry network, you will receive training and resources to grow you personally and as a leader of men.  If God is calling you to get involved don’t hesitate!  Join with other men as we create a movement of godly men in these last days!

To find out more contact me by phone or email. I look forward to working with you as we BUILD BETTER MEN FOR HIM!

Here’s to Building Men for Eternity,

Marty Miller

  • Blueprint for Men, Chief Architect                  
  • GCC Men’s Ministries Coordinator
  • Phone   423-322-8491
  • Email