If you are helping with the Sonrise Marketplace setup this page is for you!  Please scan through this information and come prepared. Thank-you!

Sonrise Marketplace Setup SOPs

Contact Personnel:

Sonrise Pageant Director

Promenade Coordinator

Marketplace Construction


4 Day Fair Weather Plan


  • Truck Trailer delivered to Cafeteria Drive adjacent to Thatcher South.


  • 2-5pm    Unload Truck Trailer


  • 8 am       Construction of Marketplace structures
  • 12 pm    Lunch (bring your own)
  • 1 pm       Attach Long Boards and Burlap
  • 4 pm      Finish construction


  • 4-8 pm   Shop keepers take down burlap, roll, duct tape, label, and remove all nails, staples, etc.
  • 8 pm      Truck trailer delivered after sundown by Plant Services (Dan Ford)
  • 8-11       Load back of trailer so that burlap, baskets, etc. stay very dry


  • 8 am       Take down shops and pack trailer
  • 12 pm    Finish Packing Trailer

Rainy Weather Adjustments

Rainy Thursday

  • Unpack Friday morning starting at 6 am

Rainy Thursday and Friday

  • Unpack on Thursday but place all materials under plastic tarps, build Friday

Rainy Saturday

  • Let burlap dry out on Sunday morning, pack late Sunday afternoon

Rainy Sunday

  • Pack up on Saturday night


  • Work gloves
  • Cordless drills with fully charged batteries!
  • T-25 star bits only… NO Philip Head screws!!!
  • Cloth Aprons w/pockets for screws
  • Claw Hammers
  • Heavy Duty Staplers – slap variety best
  • Step Ladders

Safety Reminders:


  • Ladders are the most dangerous piece of equipment on a construction site
  • Stand on the uphill side of the step ladder facing downhill
  • Do not stand on the top two rungs
  • Four step ladders should be used on each wall being constructed near Thatcher South
  • Four step ladders should be used on the Promenade


  • Wear protective eyewear


  • Wear mechanic type gloves


  • Wear dust mask when working in the trailer

Truck Trailer Unloading/Loading Notes:


  • Finish with blowing/sweeping out the entire trailer

Loading Sequence and Tips

  • Make sure the trailer has been swept or blown out before loading
  • Build shelf in back out of metal brackets
  • Place carts, burlap, baskets, etc. above and below shelf
  • Place Pilates Judgement Hall steps under shelf and fill voids with buckets and misc.
  • Place gate pillars on top of Pilates Steps
  • Place gates vertically to right of gate pillars and pushed up to shelf
  • Place Standards w/fins on top of gate pillars and vertically hanging from fins in space between right wall and gates
  • Stack Thatcher South shop panels along the right side of trailer. Four stacks of 20 panels each
  • Place all long boards on top of shop panels
  • Stack Promenade shop panels to the left of other stacked panels
  • Place 6 crosses in the space left between the panels and the trailer double doors

Construction Tips and Reminders

  • Use only T-25 deck screws
  • Panels at Thatcher South should be angled to fit spread/width of super long planks