The Men’s Ministry Leadership Kit is designed to help you, as a men’s ministry leader, build a strong men’s ministry at your church. And the purpose of building a strong men’s ministry is simply to build strong men of God.

The Lone Ranger

The temptation for most men’s ministry leaders is to go-it-alone and try different approaches that lack a proven plan or coaching from another successful leader.  And, because of this haphazard approach, most men’s ministries never really launch, or if they do, they crash and burn within one or two years because they lack a well-proven plan and weak leadership.

Men’s Ministry is Challenging

You see, men’s ministry is one of the hardest things to pull-off successfully. And it’s even harder to sustain over a period of years. The tragedy of this approach  is that over the years, most men, most pastors, and most church leaders have had a very hard time getting excited about engaging or supporting a men’s ministry program that fizzles out.

What Men Value

Men are enthusiastic about things that have value and last. You, as a men’s ministry leader, want to build a men’s ministry that has immediate benefits as well as an eternal value. So, to this end, we here at Blueprint for Men, have developed a proven strategy for building a strong men’s ministry that builds strong men of God!

How to Build a Men’s Ministry

To build a successful men’s ministry you need 1) training, 2) resources, 3) team, and 4) coaching.  And this is exactly what the Men’s Ministry Leadership Kit provides for you.

  • Resources
  • Training
  • Team
  • Coaching