March 26 Meeting

Teaching: Knowing Your Men

Summary: Every Man’s Challenge…We are primitive men living in a sophisticated world.

Men’s ministry is an effort to restore men back to the original Blueprint for Men which is simple and pure. This is a call to come out of confusion, all call to come out of Babylon. Men’s ministry is an essential message within the Three Angels Messages of Revelation.

Understanding your men’s specific challenges… ask questions about the following areas of life.

  1. A Man’s Needs and Desires
  2. A Man’s Pains
  3. A Man’s History
  4. A Man’s Daily Life
  5. A Man’s World View

As you get to know your men, you know their needs, and then you can call them to action is specific ways. It’s a challenge and a joy!

Presentation: Knowing Your Men PPT

Video Recording: Knowing Your Men mp4

Assignment:  Get to know your men and invite them to join a disciple group you are leading.

February 27 Meeting

January 23 Meeting

  • Teaching:
    • 7 Steps for Launching Your Men’s Ministry this Year
      • Step 1 – Form Your Leadership Team
      • Step 2 – Make a List of Your Men
      • Step 3 – Start Praying
      • Step 4 – Start Learning
      • Step 5 – Develop a Calendar
      • Step 6 – Start Communicating
      • Step 7 – Launch Your Men’s Ministry
  • Assignments:
    • Locate, download, and study the 7 Steps document here
    • Share the 7 Steps with your leaders. Start implementing.
    • Encourage church level leaders to join our monthly Men’s Leadership Academy.