The World Needs MEN...

Blueprint for Men is a ministry that empowers husbands, fathers, and leaders to live like Jesus... The Blueprint for Men.

"Over the last year I have worked from home, and I needed a way to connect with people other than work. Blueprint for Men has given me an opportunity to feel closer through a group of like-minded Christian men. Through my deeper-level connections with the men in my group I no longer feel like it’s just me against the world, rather it’s a band of brother facing challenges together"

Micah Armantrout Small groups. Husband, father in 40s

"It's hard to fully describe what Blueprint for Men has meant to me and done for me. It has been a vehicle to transform my spiritual life, it has provided resources to be a better Mens Ministry leader, and has provided a brotherhood of fellow men who walk with and encourage each other on this journey of life. I believe this is the true essence of what church is according to the Bible."

Chad Mejeur Events, Men's Ministry Leader

"I have been a pastor for over 45 years, we "have" to relate with different types of personalities but to maintain a status our relationship is very formal. Blueprint has been an oasis in my life, I can be me, the human being who is weak spiritually, the one who has issues to confront at home, who struggles at... I am not afraid to express or hear because we all have similar situations and we can share, be helped and help without judgment."

Rudy Escobar Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio