Every man goes through significant challenges as he transitions from one stage of life to the next. Most men do not receive adequate preparation to make these transitions without making major mistakes. Blueprint for Men is committed to providing training for all men at all stages of life. The following are the major stages of manhood and recommended resources and strategies that will equip each man to build for eternity. These are Blueprint Men!

ManUp! – Cornerstone Men (18-24)
Designed to help young men discover their true identity and purpose

Band of Brothers – Bondstone Men (25-44)
Designed to strengthen and support maturing men during the most difficult stage of life

Men of Influence – Keystone Men (45-64)
Designed to help mature men to live with integrity during the most influential time of life

Men of Wisdom – Capstone Men (65+)
Designed to support and encourage life-seasoned and guide them to mentor and disciple younger men

Men of Integrity
Sexual purity support and accountability groups