What Is Blueprint For Men? (IN Spanish)

To be successful in life, every man must follow a well-designed plan, a blueprint. And just like a blueprint is a copy of an original, so each man’s life must be built according to the original, THE MASTER BLUEPRINT, Jesus Christ.

Only He provides the perfect example of how men are designed to live, MEN BY DESIGN!

Our Mission

"To Empower Husbands, Fathers & Leaders to live like Jesus"

Leadership Staff

Marty Miller

Founder & President

Tom Pike

Executive Vice-President

Rudy Escobar

Spanish Translator

Grant Graves

Podcast Host

Brandon Bell

Communications Director

Blueprint Board

Dan Koliadko

Board Chair

Gunter Wessels

Board Treasurer

Jonathan Miller

Board Member

Gabriel Trujillo

Board Member

Dave Ketelsen

Board Member

Michael Looby

Board member

Tony Dalhberg

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