Welcome to the Men’s Ministry Leadership Certification Course provided by Blueprint for Men.  We are excited that you are taking this important step to becoming a powerful leader of men in these last days.

We believe that men’s ministry has the potential to become one of the most important ministries in the church. As men go, so goes the family, so goes the church, and so goes society.  If men are strong, their families will be strong, and the church will be strong.

It is urgent that we work with God to build stronger men. Our wives, our children, our church and our God are all depending upon us to take action!

If you’re ALL IN, let’s go! 

Here’s to Building Better Men for Him, 

Marty Miller

Blueprint for Men, Founder | President

Course Overview:

The Men’s Ministry Leadership Certification Course is designed to educate, equip, and empower you to build and sustain a strong men’s ministry program in your union, conference, or mission.

  • Dates:  TBD
  • Format: 12 modules delivered via Zoom.
  • Requirements: Computer with high-speed internet and video camera

Course Progression:

Our course curriculum will follow this man-building progression.

  1. Knowing God
  2. Knowing Ourselves
  3. Knowing Our Men
  4. Building Strong Men
  5. Building Strong Leaders
  6. Building Strong Community
  7. Building a Powerful Movement

Schedule and Resources:

Below are links to the modules being delivered in this course. These provide access to documents, recordings, assignments, and links necessary for the completion of this course. Each module will be activated after each meeting.

Use this Zoom link for the entire course schedule


 M1 | Course Overview 

M2 | Knowing God 

M3 | Knowing Ourselves

M4 | Knowing Our Men 

M5 | Building Disciples 

 M6 | Building Warriors 

 M7 | Building Habits 

M8 | Building Husbands  

M9 | Building Fathers 

M10 | Building Leaders 

 M11 | Building Community 

M12 | Building a Movement