🎁 The Ultimate Gift

🎁 The Ultimate Gift

We Hope you had a great Christmas!

As we draw our December series, “The Art of Giving Like Him,” to a close, I invite you to pause and ponder with me. Reflect for a moment:

What was the most meaningful gift you received this year?

Together, we’ve journeyed through the symbolic gifts ofΒ Gold, representing abundance and liberation from scarcity;Β Frankincense, echoing the sanctity of holiness; andΒ Myrrh, a poignant emblem of triumph over death.

Now, as we approach our final reflection, our focus shifts to the most sublime gift of all β€” Jesus Himself.Β  Jesus isn’t just a part of the Christmas story; He is the Christmas story β€” a narrative of unconditional love and the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

As I was reflecting on myself this year I realized the greatest gift I was given was being asked to play the role of Jesus in the Friday night plays at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp. This was meaningful to me because, at the beginning of the year, I felt distant from God and struggled to find myself worthy. When I was asked to play that role and portray someone so important I wept tears of redemption. Jesus used His story as His ultimate gift in my life.

How has Jesus changed you this year?

As you embrace the festive cheer and warmth of this season, I encourage you to contemplate the unparalleled gift of Jesus. How has His presence transformed your year, your life, and your very being? In recognizing and cherishing this ultimate gift, may we find the inspiration to embody His generosity, extend His love, and live out the profound grace we’ve so graciously been given.

Wishing you a season filled with deep reflection, heartfelt gratitude, and the joyous celebration of the greatest gift ever given.

Brandon Bell
BlueprintΒ For Men Communications Director