Embracing the Harvest: Leadership and Legacy in the Fall Season


As we continue our journey through the ‘Seasons of Manhood,’ we shift our gaze to the Fall season—characterized by men between the ages of 45-65 who are stepping into roles of leadership and mentorship. This is a season of both harvest and reflection, a period where many of us are not just maintaining careers but leading in our fields, not just sustaining relationships but offering guidance to younger generations. It’s a season that challenges our wisdom, urging us to consider the legacy we’re building while still actively contributing to our communities and families. To help us navigate this enriching yet complex season, we’re pleased to introduce guest writer Tom Pyke, who will share his own experiences and insights.

The Fall Season: Celebrating Accomplishments

Tom Pyke here,

You might know me if you’ve been involved with any of our small groups. This has been a season of discovery and adventure. It started with a major change in my career that enabled me to broaden my perspective and enhance my skills. I was able to meet these challenges because my experience gave me the confidence to take risks. My children have grown up and left home leaving me more time and resources to invest in other ways. Though of course, this past season came with its own set of challenges.


Introspection and Service

During my fall season, I experienced divorce after 33 years of marriage. That led me to look back on life from childhood and on through adulthood. Coming to understand why I was the way I was helped me understand better what adjustments I needed to make to finish well. The drive needed in earlier years to build my career and raise a family was now directed to my own spiritual development and to a desire to leave a legacy. I discovered that happiness and joy come in service to others.

Now, here are seven bits of advice I would give to a man going into his fall season.


Advice for Navigating the Fall Season

  1. Reflect on your accomplishments: You may want to reevaluate your goals. This is a time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and to set new goals that are more realistic for this time of your life.
  2. Invest in Your Spiritual Life: As in previous seasons, this is a time to deepen your faith. Whether it’s through prayer, study, or community involvement, make your spiritual growth a priority.
  3. Reevaluate your financial health: You are closing in on retirement and you need to evaluate what finances you’ll have available through retirement funds and social security.
  4. Reevaluate your physical health: As your body loses flexibility and strength because of the aging process it becomes even more critical to take time in exercising to maintain as much strength and flexibility as you can. Eating healthfully and reducing portions needs to become a priority. Regular health check-ups also become a high priority.
  5. Assess the Purpose and Meaning of Life:  As you near the end of your working life you may want to grapple with questions about purpose and meaning in life. Experience has given you more wisdom, insight, and maturity.  Life experiences provide a broader perspective and understanding of oneself, relationships, and the world.
  6. Consider Your Legacy and Contribution: This is a time to consider what legacy you are leaving behind—whether through your family, community, church involvement, professional achievements, or other contributions to society.
  7. Family Dynamics and Empty Nesting: This is a time when children leave home and caregiving for aging parents becomes necessary.

I pray that these seeds of wisdom will germinate in your heart and bear abundant fruit as you pass through this wonderful stage of life. Enjoy the fall season my friends!

Here’s to Building Together with Him!

Brandon Bell & Tom Pyke

– Blueprint For Men Leadership