• The Master Key

    The Master Key to Everything!  As we continue our “Men Under Construction” theme this month we are delving into our innermost being, that of our spirit. And just like our body needs breath to be alive, so too does our spiritual life require the “Breath of God”, the Holy Spirit,

  • Live the Adventure with God

    You were made for adventure and created to experience life in God’s awesome creation… the great outdoors, where struggle, challenge, adventure, and freedom are embraced and enjoyed. Most men find themselves trapped in an artificial world that slowly kills the masculine soul. You were not made to live like this…

  • Power Up!

    Every morning when you wake  up, you go through an automatic systems check and power up. “Do I feel tired? Do I feel pain? Do I feel happy? Do I feel sad? Am I afraid?” And, most of the time we subconsiously chose to either do something to address the problems,

  • An Invitation to Men’s Ministry

    Welcome to Blueprint for Men!  If you are interested in becoming the man God called you to be, or lead other men to do the same, take a few minutes to watch this quick presentation about men’s ministry and why you should start the journey.  Check out all the opportunities