The Green Room is a weekly gathering of collegiate men who seek to live with uncompromised integrity. We refer to ourselves as “Men of Integrity” which is reflected by our Latin motto… “Esse Quam Videri” which simply means “To be, rather than to seem”.  Men of Integrity live with the goal of living an undivided life, where our our hearts and minds align with our actions.

So, why the Green Room? And, just what is a “Green Room”?  Well, according to Wikipedia “the green room is the space in a theatre or similar venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before and after a performance, and during the show when they are not engaged on stage.” 

So, this Green Room reference serves as a perfect metaphor for every young man who is either preparing for life or recovering from life.  And quite frankly men, who isn’t needing to do just that!

The Green Room is a place where we find inspiration and direction for the weeks ahead and also find accountability for the areas where we have known weaknesses. Truthfully, every man needs the Green Room experience to succeed in life which provides brotherhood and accountability. 

Our Men of Integrity group will meet in the Green Room of the Southern Adventist University Iles Gymnasium every Thursday at noon.  Men who attend will receive a free lunch and LifeGroup credit.  But more importantly you will receive wisdom and guidance from our leadership team.

Here’s the Green Room Schedule:

  • 12:00 Welcome 
  • 12:05 Free Lunch
  • 12:10 Testimony and Teaching (20 min)
  • 12:30 Small Group Check-In (20 min)
  • 12:50 Close

Gentlemen, please consider joining our brotherhood and become a Man of Integrity!

Here’s to Building Stronger Men for Him,

Marty Miller

Blueprint for Men, Founder and President