Get Moving!

Blueprint for Men offers a wide variety of groups activities ranging from retreats and conventions to rites of passages and mountaineering expeditions.

Apathy and isolation will kill any man so get moving and come alive at one of our life-changing events!

Daddy-Daughter Campout

The “Priceless Treasure Adventure”  is designed to strengthen the bonds between you and your daughter(s) through outdoor adventure, nature study, group activities, music and worship.

This event will be held on the weekend of April 19-21 when the glory of springtime will be at its finest!  

Outdoor Adventures:

Our most recent Blueprint for Men outdoor adventure was a mountaineering expedition to Mt. Assiniboine (11,870’), the “Matterhorn of the Rockies”, located near Banff, BC, Canada. Our team set its sights on the North Ridge route (II, 5.6) which is considered a classic technical climb.

If you need a little armchair adventure click on the button below to enjoy the Mt Assiniboine Alpine Adventure Photoblog.

 Here’s to building better men through outdoor adventure!

Recent Men's Conferences

Men Under Construction

Many of us thrive on the tangible satisfaction that comes from working with our hands—whether it’s crafting, fixing, or completing tasks. There’s a unique joy in turning the theoretical into the tangible, especially when it involves home projects or repairs.

The “Men Under Construction” event was designed to empower men by providing them with the necessary tools, insights, and strategies to build and realize a divinely inspired vision for their lives. This event wasn’t just about physical construction; it was a transformative experience aimed at fostering personal growth, spiritual development, and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and potential. Joining future events like this offers an invaluable opportunity to not only enhance your practical skills but also to shape a life that reflects your highest aspirations and values.