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The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction” Proverbs 1:17

Blueprint For Men provides you with a wide variety of free resources that will educate, equip, and empower you to take action

Blueprint For Men Podcast

Stories For Building Better Men

Grant Graves, our talented podcast creator, produces short podcasts that are perfect for your daily commute or working around the house.  

Weekly Newsletter

Expansive Content For Every Man

Brandon Bell, our communications director, produces an expansive email and blog that provide you with weekly inspiration, direction, and engagement opportunities.

Each issue is an expedition into optimizing your life, where faith meets practicality, and where discipline creates freedom. We dissect complex topics, from the nuances of scripture to the latest in mental and physical wellness, offering you a toolkit for a more enlightened, efficient, and effective way of living.

Weekly YouTube

“Marty Miller, our ministry founder, produces short video messages that will challenge you to become the man God designed you to be.

Published Books

Morning Summit

Every man wants to be strong and disciplined, but many men fail to achieve the results they want because they are missing the most vital elements of success: a team and a plan.

The Morning Summit brings both. This simple small group workbook brings together a team of committed men and hands them a solid plan that will transform them in 13 weeks. ($20)

Coaching Champions

The Blueprint for Coaching Champions empowers men to become more without requiring expert knowledge or expensive certificates.

Instead, our coaches ask great questions, listen with an open heart, and believe that the man in front of them has what it takes to become a champion. ($15)

Free E-Books

How to Launch a Men's Ministry

Download this e-book, study it, and then take the seven steps to begin building the foundation of a strong men’s ministry.


Streaming Video

RightNow Media has been called the “Christian Netflix” for families and churches.  Many of our recommended video-based  resources for men are available to you on RightNow Media. 

To gain free access to RightNow Media through our Blueprint for Men subscription just email your request to and you will receive an email invite with next steps. You can watch content on your computer, smart TV, or handheld device by downloading the RightNow Media app. There are thousands of videos to choose from that will help you become a stronger man of God. Don’t miss this!

Blueprint Short Films

Short Films To Inspire Every Man