🎄 The Art of Giving: The Birth of Christ & The Death of Death

🎄 Merry Christmas!hristmas!

As we embrace the warmth and joy of this holiday season, we hope you are finding comfort and happiness surrounded by friends and family. In preparing for this newsletter, I felt a nudge from God to explore the latest sermon by Louie Giglio. To my amazement, the topic aligned perfectly with our focus this week. The sermon, titled “The Birth of Christ and the Death of Death,” delves into the significance of Myrrh in the story of Jesus’s birth – Wow!
God’s timing is impeccable; the sermon was not only remarkably relevant but also profoundly moving. As I listened, I felt a clear prompting from God: “Share this message; someone needs to hear it this week.”

“The story of Myrrh intertwines heartache with healing, mirroring the complexities of our own lives during this festive season.”

Whether you’re experiencing a season of joy or navigating through challenges, remember that God sees you and is with you. We hope this sermon brings you comfort and insight.

Happy Holidays!

The Birth of Christ and the Death of Death

“Giving Gold makes sense… Giving frankincense (A holy perfume) makes sense… But why would you give Myrrh (A spice used for preserving corpses) to a child?”

Highlighting the detail of “the myrrh” in the Christmas story, Louie Giglio shows listeners how death’s place in the story is that of a defeated enemy. Our God is acquainted with death and very familiar with its sting, but He has also conquered it once and for all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.