☕ Finding Warmth in Worship: A Morning of Gratitude

Finding Warmth in Worship: A Morning of Gratitude

This morning, I found myself in a place many of us have been – feeling distant from God. Despite my efforts at reading scripture, the words seemed to float away, failing to resonate within me.

Side Note: It’s in moments like these that we must remember: that our feelings are not the ultimate truth. Our closeness to God isn’t measured by our emotions or circumstances, but by our willingness to step into His presence, even when it feels challenging.

 Gratitude: Scraping Ice Off The Soul

As I faced the cold morning, both physically and spiritually, something unexpected happened. God nudged me towards an act as simple as it was profound – singing. There I was, scraping ice off my windshield, when I began humming the tune of “Gratitude.” It was more than just a song; it became a prayer, a declaration.

As the melody flowed, a transformation unfolded. The chill that had gripped me began to thaw. Not only did my body start to warm up, but my heart did too. The world around me seemed to brighten – colors became more vivid, and a sense of God’s Spirit enveloped me.

This experience was a powerful reminder of the warmth and light we can find in worship, even in the coldest, most mundane moments. It’s a testament to how God’s presence can turn our everyday tasks into sacred encounters.

As we journey together in our quest to become more like Jesus, let’s embrace the simple acts of worship that can ignite our hearts, even amidst the frostiest of days.


Final Note On Gratitude:

Often, I approach the Bible seeking undiscovered wisdom or a new insight that will help me ‘be better’ or ‘optimize my love for Him.’ Even as I began writing this newsletter, my initial thought was to delve into the scientific benefits of gratitude or singing.

But then, a realization struck me – that’s not the essence of our worship.

Would we still praise Him if there were no direct benefits to us? (Interestingly, there are many benefits, and the science behind them is fascinating). However, the beauty of this morning’s experience wasn’t rooted in these benefits; it was in the simplicity of offering what little I had – a song of Gratitude.”

The Powerful Story Behind the Song: Brandon Lake Interview

Last but not least. Check out this powerful interview with Brandon Lake (Tip: If you’re short on time skip to the 21st minute mark for the miracle story behind the song)

With respect and gratitude,

Brandon Bell

– BPFM Communications Director