🎖️ We Owe That Man… How Veterans Day Teaches Us Discipline

What if your Bible cost you an arm? Literally.

Would such a Bible ever just sit on your shelf, untouched? Unlikely. It would be a constant companion, its passages committed to memory, its teachings interwoven with every aspect of your daily life. The discipline to engage with it wouldn’t be a struggle; it would be a necessity, driven by the profound cost you paid.

Now, shift that perspective:

What if that price was paid not by you, but by someone you hold dear, who deemed the gift of that Bible to you worth more than their limb? The mix of gratitude and solemnity would be overwhelming. They assure you, despite your protests, that their sacrifice is your gain, and that it’s worth it to them.

This is the essence of the sacrifices made by Christ and our veterans.

This week, as we dig into November’s theme, “The Grateful Man‘s Guide to Discipline” we would like to honor our veterans. By truly valuing what they have given up for us, we do more than honor them; we naturally want to better ourselves, striving to embody the virtues they have exemplified. Through this recognition, we find the path to becoming better men.

Watch These Powerful Tributes.

We Owe That man:

Andy Stumpf wrote this letter years ago after hearing that a fellow SEAL had been killed in Africa. Between Andy’s written words and Jocko’s reading, this message is clear and powerful. Watch this video (5 min) to cultivate grattitude.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13)

Thank You For Your Service:

The Vietnam War marked a time of social unrest that divided our nation like never before. Service members returning home with physical and emotional scars were greeted with an unprecedented level of disrespect and dishonor. Watch this video  (2 min) to become more aware of the veterans around you.

With respect and gratitude,

Brandon Bell

– BPFM Communications Director