Dear Ministry Partner,

Since the founding of Blueprint for Men in 2014 this ministry has developed a men’s ministry network throughout North America from Tennessee to California.  More recently our nextwork has extended into Africa, South America, and South Asia.  It has been exciting to see God lead us in the adventure of making disciples around the world! 

The reason for this appeal is to make you aware of an opportunity that exists to not only expand the mission of Blueprint for Men but also that of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in an unreached part of the world.  This is a rare opportunity that has been developing since 2017 when I first became acquainted with Able Naeem, a dedicated young lay pastor in Pakistan.

Since that time this ministry has financially supported Able as he has faithfully served the mission of Blueprint for Men in Pakistan while also supporting the mission of the Pakistan Seventh-day Adventist Church. The following is a timeline of our progress in Pakistan.


2017-2019       Building a Ministry Foundation

During these early years my relationship with Able was not only that of a mentor but also that of a father-figure since his father had passed away when he was only 12.  After graduating from Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College, Able began serving as a lay pastor while also becoming familiar with men’s ministry.

2020-2021      Building a Ministry Center

During the Covid pandemic we were able to build the “Upper Room” which serves as Able’s office and ministry center. With the Upper Room as a hub for men’s ministry, Able began meeting with young men, using Every Man a Warrior for men’s discipleship. The need for translation became apparent so he initiated the translation of book one into Urdu, the language of Pakistan.  During this time Able also continued to serve the church as a lay pastor and bible worker. He labored alone and increasingly felt the need to have other men partner with him in this ministry effort.

2022-2023     Building a Ministry Team

God has answered Able’s prayers by providing a ministry partner that can help him expand the ministry in Pakistan. His name is Balawal Masih.  Balawal grew up in the same area as Able and has a master’s degree in computer science. His skills will allow for the creation of a professional website and the production of videos that will help the ministry expand it’s reach in Pakistan.  

During this past year both of these men have worked to complete the translation of Every Man a Warrior, Book One, into Urdu, which is now being used in their men’s discipleship groups.  Recently Able has teamed up with the Every Man a Warrior leadership to translate book two and three and should have these completed and printed in 2023.

And, within the past several months, Able has taken a lead role in the training and equipping of Pakistani men for the “1,000 Missionary Movement” in the the Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

Watch this short video of Able, Balawal, and other men praying along a mountain stream in Pakistan. Powerful!


Last month our Blueprint for Men board voted to support the expansion of our Pakistan ministry as soon as funds are raised.  So, here we are asking you to consider supporting Able and Balawal as they seek to make disciples in Pakistan.

WATCH this short ministry report and ministry expansion appeal from Able and Balawal.


1. Pakistan Mission Vision and Goals

  • Support the SDA Church in its mission to share the gospel and Three Angels Message in these last days
  • Provide leadership and training for men involved in the 1,000 Missionary Movement in Pakistan
  • Organize and lead men’s discipleship groups that multiply exponentially over time
  • Oversee the translation of men’s ministry resources such as books, videos, training, etc.
  • Provide website, video, and podcast content to extend the reach of the ministry in Pakistan
  • Provide leadership training for church-level men’s ministry leaders
  • Provide retreats for spiritual enrichment, leadership training, and restoration
  • Minister to others in the community as needs arise

2.  Blueprint for Men Provides Guidance and Support

  • Provide access to our regularly scheduled leadership team meetings
  • Provide men’s ministry coaching on an ongoing basis
  • Provide access to Blueprint for Men resources
  • Provides financial support on an annual basis

3.  Financial Support Needed

     Monthly Budget

  • Able Naeem salary of $1,000
  • Balawal Masih salary of $1,000  
  • Transportation expense of $250
  • Office expenses of $250

     Total Monthly Budget is $2,500

      Asset Investment

  • AV Recording Studio of $10,000
  • 2017 Toyota Equus of an additional $7,000

     Total Asset Investment of $17,000


In conclusion I would ask that you prayerfully consider supporting Able and Balawal in their ministry to men and our church. We believe that God is leading in this ministry expansion but need your help to make it happen.

To financially support the Pakistan Ministry you can donate online or write a check to Blueprint for Men and mail it to 10316 Conifer Ridge, Ooltewah, TN 37363. Please write in the memo line that you would like these funds to go to the Pakistan Ministry. Thank-you!

Here’s to Building Better Men for Him,

Marty Miller

Blueprint for Men, Founder | President