Rock-Solid Men’s Retreat

Greetings Brothers,

The Rock-Solid Men’s Retreat will be held on the weekend of March 26-28, 2021 at HIDDEN SPRINGS (PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE FROM STERN MOUNTAIN) near Chattanooga, TN.  This is a weekend event designed to recharge your depleted soul through challenging messages, inspirational music, deep conversations, outdoor recreation, and brotherhood!

You can choose to come for the entire weekend, for the day, or even just a few hours. If you stay for the weekend you must plan on tent camping.  If you’re not into camping you can commute, it’s that close.  To discover more details about the weekend, check out the following information packet and make plans to attend. Hope to see you at the retreat!

Here’s to Building on THE Solid Rock!

Marty Miller

Blueprint for Men, Founder & President



1.    OVERVIEW and FAQs


The Solid Rock Men’s Retreat is a weekend outdoor event designed to recharge your weary soul through challenging messages, inspirational music, deep conversations, outdoor recreation, and brotherhood!


Why should I attend the retreat?

Because we all need to be charged-up for God, our families, our churches, and our communities.

When does the retreat take place?

March 26-28, 2021

Who should attend the retreat?

Ordinary men from the age of 13 to 93 that desire to become extraordinary men of God through developing a closer walk with God and fellowship with brothers seeking the same.

Where does the retreat take place?

The retreat will take place at HIDDEN SPRINGS, 5300 Howardsville Road Apison Tennessee 37302

Covid-19 Guidelines

Our men’s retreat this year is being held outside, in part as a precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will NOT be requiring masks for this event but will be asking that the following precautions be taken.

  1. If you have any symptoms, or know that you were exposed recently, we ask that you not attend
  2. If you have recently been in a situation where you could have been exposed to Covid-19 we ask that you either not attend OR that you attend and wear a mask. (examples: flying, recently attended a large gathering where social distancing and masks wearing wasn’t followed)
  3. We will be providing hand sanitizer and will be asking all attendees to sanitize hands regularly.
  4. We will encourage social distancing (6 ft) guidelines.  There will be ample room to spread out, weather permitting, so that distancing can be readily achieved.
  5. We ask that each attendee be respectful to others.  Those who need or choose to wear masks are encouraged to do so are to be respected.  Those who choose not to wear a mask are to be respected.
  6. If you are in a high-risk category AND you are not comfortable with these precautions we advise that you not attend.

We look forward to the day when these rules/precautions are no longer necessary!

What is Hidden Springs like?

Our Rock-Solid Men’s Retreat is being held at Hidden Springs, a 170-acre wedding venue that formerly was a girls camp… not exactly the most masculine setting for a men’s retreat but a dry one nonetheless! 

What are the accommodations? 

Those staying for the entire weekend will be camping in the fields and forests and old abandoned cabins.

Can we commute for the retreat or just come out for the day?

Yes. You can attend the entire event without camping.

What about meals?

Saturday lunch and supper are provided. Campers should prepare all other meals. Please inform of food allergies.

What are the plans for security and emergencies?

The property is gated and we have medical staff on hand if needed.

Cell phone signal?

Cell phone signal is strong!

What is the cost for the weekend?

The registration fee is $50 for the entire weekend or $40 if you are a commuter.  All registered participants will recieve Saturday lunch and supper, and SWAG

What is SWAG?

SWAG is “Stuff We All Get”! So basically, everyone who attends the retreat, whether for the day or the entire weekend.

What should I bring?


Plan on wearing comfortable outdoor clothing and hiking shoes.  Please bring a camp chair and bible for meetings.  A hammock might be nice for taking a nap.  Water and snacks might be nice. For some of the activities you should bring a small daypack with survival/outdoor stuff. A headlamp is helpful after the sun goes down. We are men. Be prepared!


Bring the gear listed below.

How do I register?

Register and pay on Eventbrite, Deadline March 22, 2021.  CLICK HERE

Complete the registration paperwork (release and medical) and bring to the retreat

What if I still have questions?

Contact Marty Miller at 423-322-8491 or Tom Pyke at 423-313-1807. Try texting before calling!



Retreat Speaker: Grant Graves

GRANT GRAVES is a veteran educator, gifted speaker, and author.  His career path includes teaching from elementary through college and more recently as a corporate sales and marketing trainer.  He loves working out, listening to books and podcasts, and spending time with his wife Riley and their daughter Libby.  Recently he released his first book, “Fearless: Finding Courage in the Character of God”.  You can find information about this book by CLICKING HERE. His dream is to one day hear Jesus say, “Well done, my good and faithful friend.”

Retreat Organizer: Marty Miller

MARTY MILLER is a veteran educator, outdoor professional, and a leader of men.  He is the founder and president of Blueprint for Men which provides men’s ministry leadership for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and beyond.  Through retreats, rallies, and small groups the Blueprint for Men network continues to impact a growing number of men across the country. Marty and his wife, Gale, are the proud parents of two adult children and three grandchildren. Life is good!

Retreat Coordinator: Tom Pyke

TOM PYKE is a veteran business operations manager, seasoned outdoorsman, and a leader of men.  He has guided and supported Blueprint for Men since its inception serving as the ministry secretary and much more.  Tom’s greatest joy is to lead small groups where men experience a daily walk with God and become the men God designed them to be.    He and his wife, Trina, have raised 5 boys to manhood and enjoy traveling from Montana to Kentucky visiting their grandkids. Life is good!


3        SCHEDULE


3:00 pm                Check-in and Camp Set-up

6:00                      Supper

7:00                      Group Meeting

8:30                      Outdoor Skills

10:00                    Quiet


8:00 am                Breakfast

9:00                      Outdoor Skills

10:30                    Group Meeting

12:00 pm             Lunch

2:00                      Outdoor Skills

4:00                      Group Meeting

5:30                      Supper

7:00                      Ignite the Fire Challenge

9:00                      Circle of Men

11:00                    Quiet


8:00 am                Breakfast

9:30                      Closing Ceremony

10:30                    Depart


4        GEAR LIST


  • Comfortable set of clothes and shoes
  • Durable set of clothes and shoes/boots
  • Rain Jacket
  • Warm jacket or hoody
  • Cap


  • Sleeping bag + Pillow
  • Sleeping mat or hammock
  • Tent/Tarp
  • Daypack
  • Toiletries
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Toilet Paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Bible
  • Medications
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camp chair
  • Headlamp/Lantern
  • Axe and fire building supplies


Register and pay on Eventbrite, Deadline March 22, 2021. CLICK HERE

Complete the registration release and medical forms in the information packet and bring them to the retreat. If you have special needs, please contact the retreat leader by email or phone. Thanks!

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Greetings Brothers, The Rock-Solid Men’s Retreat will be held on the weekend of March 26-28, 2021 at HIDDEN SPRINGS (PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE FROM STERN MOUNTAIN) near Chattanooga, TN.  This is a […]