Men are designed to work and get things done. Hands-on guys find tremendous joy and satisfaction in building and fixing things.  The more technical geeks find the same rewards from creating a website or short film.  And the more physically active guys enjoy taking others on backpacking and whitewater rafting trips. No matter what kind of man you are, you are meant to make a difference in this world. So, if you would like to get involved or provide financial support for these projects check out the list shown below.


During the past several years our Blueprint for Men nextwork has extended into Africa, South America, and South Asia.  It has been exciting to see God lead us in the adventure of making disciples around the world!

A. The Uganda Mission Project

Since 2021 we have been providing financial support for Mukiibi Musasizi and the Palwo Orphanage in Uganda. During this time Mukiibi has increased the capacity of the school farm to the point that these children have fresh produce for their nutritional needs and extra to sell at the market.  He’s an incredible young man who is making a difference for some of the most disadvantaged!

Please take a few minutes to discover more about the Palwo Orphanage and prayerfully consider supporting Mukiibi and this worthy project. CLICK HERE


A. The Outpost

B. Community Service

C. Disaster Relief


A. Blueprint Films

Blueprint Films are created with the purpose of telling stories with a purpose. Short films such as these are a powerful tool for teaching, challenging, and inspiring men. Please take a few minutes to discover more about some of the films we have created during the past several years.  CLICK HERE

B. Event Recordings

The recording of events is an important goal of Blueprint for Men.  CLICK HERE to watch a few of our past events.