Episode – 1: What to do when Anxiety Strikes

Podcast 1
Podcast 1
Episode - 1: What to do when Anxiety Strikes

In this episode, I reveal that I am struggling with anxiety issues, but more importantly, I go step by step into how I deal with them. I believe that the first one is the most critical of all, and sets the tone for the other two.

There are three very critical ways that a man can deal with anxiety and they have been proved over and over in my own life.

They are as follows:

  • Pray: Men are encouraged to pray without ceasing, and to be anxious for nothing, but by prayer, we are to make our requests known to God.
  • Get Outside: We are adventurers and warriors at heart. We were not meant for cubicles and chairs. When we connect with nature, we are reminded of our identity.
  • Physical Fitness: This doesn’t get enough focus, especially for Christian men. I don’t believe that any man should go through life without exercise.