• đź’° The Lie That Keeps You From Generously Giving.

    “Do you know why the statistics say over 90% of people aren’t fulfilled by the work that they do? It’s not because of the job, It’s not because of the pay, it’s not because of the benefits. It’s because we don’t help each other anymore…” -Simon Sinek Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving,

  • 🧠 How Gratitude Rewires Your Brain.

    Gratitude. It’s a term tossed around a lot, especially as Thanksgiving rolls around. But here’s the thing: gratitude isn’t just feel-good fluff. It’s a tool, a powerful one, for optimizing our lives – mentally, physically, and spiritually. This week as I was diving into the science and biblical significance of gratitude,

  • 🎖️ We Owe That Man… How Veterans Day Teaches Us Discipline

    What if your Bible cost you an arm? Literally. Would such a Bible ever just sit on your shelf, untouched? Unlikely. It would be a constant companion, its passages committed to memory, its teachings interwoven with every aspect of your daily life. The discipline to engage with it wouldn’t be a struggle; it

  • đź“š The Grateful Man’s Guide to Discipline

    Get Yourself Together… No one said gratitude would be easy. Who told us gratitude was supposed to be a walk in the park? Life is challenging, unfair, and often cruel. It’s easy to justify resentment, especially when the world seems to be against you. But let’s get one thing straight— gratitude

  • The Winter Wisdom: Reflecting on a Lifetime

    Welcome back to our ‘Seasons of Manhood‘ series. As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves in the Winter season of life—defined by men aged 65 and above. This is a season for reflection, giving, and most importantly, legacy-building. We’re honored to have a special guest writer this week, my

  • Embracing the Harvest: Leadership and Legacy in the Fall Season

    Men, As we continue our journey through the ‘Seasons of Manhood,’ we shift our gaze to the Fall season—characterized by men between the ages of 45-65 who are stepping into roles of leadership and mentorship. This is a season of both harvest and reflection, a period where many of us

  • Navigating the Heat: Mastering the Summer Season of Manhood

    Men, As we continue to explore the “Seasons of Manhood,” we turn our focus to the Summer season—defined by men between the ages of 25-45 who are moving into the commitment phase of life. This is a season of both opportunity and challenge, a time when many of us are

  • For such a season as this: Exploring the seasons of manhood

    Men, This month, we are excited to embark on a transformative journey exploring the “Seasons of Manhood“. As the leaves change color and the air gets cooler, it reminds us that life, much like nature, has its own seasons worth exploring. Through this theme, we will delve into our own

  • Building Bridges: The Heart of Relationships

    Building Bridges: The Heart of Relationships  Brandon, As we advance in our “Men Under Construction”  series, we’re reminded of the words from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NIV): “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other

  • Stop saying “One day I’ll change

    What’s Your Mañana? We’ve all heard it and probably been guilty of saying it when we are putting something off and procrastinating…mañana!  And while we may be joking, what we are really saying is “Someday I’ll get around to it”…”Someday I’ll make the bold move”… “Someday I’ll change”… mañana! You see, mañana is the