The Outpost Open House

For nearly 2 years scores of men have worked diligently to transform an old warehouse into the new headquarters for Blueprint for Men… “THE OUTPOST”.  It has been a labor of love that is finally coming to fruition.

When completed this facility will serve as the hub for men’s ministry in the Chattanooga area and provide a real-world demonstration for what a men’s ministry could look like if men come together with a vision for making a difference in the world.



You are invited to attend the open house and dedication of our new ministry headquarters on July 17, 2022 from 4-6pm.

If you are an inquisitive person and want to find out more take a few minutes to learn about how this facility will benefit men, their families, their churches, and their community in the future.

The Benefits of a Men’s Ministry Center

Benefit #1 – It will Provide Legitimacy and Visibility to the Ministry

Blueprint for Men is the only men’s ministry organization in the SDA church.  Over the past several years it has contracted with the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and the Southern Union to provide much needed leadership for men’s ministry.  But to become fully legitimate we must have a center of operations, a physical location, for Blueprint for Men.

Benefit #2 – It will Provide a Perfect Location for Networking with other SDA Ministries 

This warehouse is ideally situated close to Southern Adventist University and adjacent to the Collegedale Airport. Many other ministries are located in the greater Collegedale area which provides many networking opportunities. Independent ministries and church entities include…

  • Southern Adventist University
  • Outpost Centers International
  • Gospel Ministries International
  • It is Written
  • Light Bearers
  • Little Light Studios
  • ACS Disaster Relief
  • The Samaritan Center

Benefit #3 – It will Provide a Hub for Area Men’s Ministries

With nearly 30 SDA churches within an hour drive this facility could be a hub for our local men’s ministry.

Benefit #4 – It will Provide a Model for other Men’s Ministries to Replicate

Men’s ministry is really discipleship for men. And, since Jesus was a builder, it seems only logical that since we are “Building Men” through discipleship, we should also be “Building Men” with our hands.  A warehouse setting provides a blank slate to make everything happen and engage more men.

Benefit #5 – It will Provide an Environment That Will Attract and Engage Men 

The “Men’s Outpost” would be designed to appeal to all kinds of men…  from church leaders to iron workers.  Away from the formal church setting men will find natural pathways that engage the head, heart, and hands while forming friendships.

Benfit #6 – It will Provide Space for Multiple Uses

  • Office space for ministry leadership and staff
  • Meeting space for small groups to gather anytime of day or night
  • Storage space for ministry inventory
  • Studio for podcasts and video recording
  • Workshop space equipped for automotive repair and woodworking projects
  • Space for teaching skills to our younger men
  • Headquarters for community service projects
  • Partnering with the adjacent ACS Disaster Relief Warehouse

If you would like to see more pictures from our renovation project


Join us on July 17 @

The Outpost

5040 Layton Lane, Collegedale, TN