Hurricane Dorian

As some of you may know, I have a fascination with words. I think it goes back to my years as a high school biology teacher.  Biology, and other sciences, are full of complex words that have Latin and Greeks prefixes, suffixes, and roots. If you know Greek and Latin you can discipher almost every scientific word. It’s almost a game when you get the handle on it.  Anyway, the way that I see it, words can be pregnant with meaning that can sometimes seem prophetic.

So, as I was thinking about Hurricane Dorian, and it’s apocalyptic path of destruction through the Bahamas and now up the Atlantic coast, I thought about the name Dorian and wondered if there was any interesting name association.  And, after doing my study, I was excited by what I found and thought I would share it with you. So here goes…

According to my Wikipedia research team, Dorian is a gender fluid given name that traces it’s origin to Doros, who was in Greek mythology, the grandson of Zeus, the god of the sky, lightning and thunder.  I also found out that there are two possible meanings of the name Dorian, one is “gift” and the other is interestingly enough, ‘child of the sea’.

Hurricane Dorian doesn’t seem like much of a gift or a child of the sea.  It’s been a destructive unwanted BEAST FROM THE SEA!  The hurricane should have been named after Dorian’s grandfather Zeus, the god of the storm, but that wouldn’t have fit in the alphabetical hurricane nomenclature.

So where do you go with these connections or disconnections?  Dorain, Zeus, gift, child of the sea, beast from the sea, hurricane, destruction, apocalypse… God what is the message here?  I’m not exactly sure, but I think that if we look at the physical it will lead to a spiritual lesson.

Hurricanes are the most massive storms on the planet and Dorian was one of the biggest of them all.  It was a category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 183 mph and gusts topping 200 mph when it hit the Bahamas.  The wind and storm surge almost annihilated the northern islands destroying even concrete block buildings. The loss of life is still not fully known but will likely climb to the hundreds if not more.

Dorian… “child of the sea”… how can this be?  Well, as it works out, every category 5 hurricane starts out as a “child of the sea” in the form of a harmless tropical depression.  The tropical tropical depression forms a tropical storm which starts swirling around faster and faster until an “eye” forms in it’s center.  The storm increases in intensity as it grows from a childlike category 1 to category 2, 3, 4, and the monster category 5.  And when Dorian grew into the monster that swept across the Bahamas, he had become just like his grandfather Zeus, the storm god. Interesting!

So, in the end, what is the message from Hurricane Dorian?  I think the lesson to me is that every man deals with Dorians in their lives. What starts out as a deceptively small harmless thing can easily grow over time into a destructive monster.  Such is the working of all addictions and sinful behaviors. We can easily ignore things and think the storm will stay away but what you don’t prepare for and deal with will eventually deal with you.

Men, do you have a “child of the sea” in your life that has grown into a monster?  Are you dealing with your issues?  If you haven’t done so yet, deal with them before they deal with you.

And what about the “gift” of Hurricane Dorian?  Well, to me, if you understand addictions and other disfunctions, the gift of these little Dorians is that they truly can be a gift. For you see it when these “gifts” are openned up that we embrace our family, our Christian community, and the arms of our heavenly Father.  God’s gift is healing and transformation which becomes our testimony to his glory!

Gentlemen, you, I, everyman, have a Hurricane Dorian that has the potential to destroy us.  Let’s be strong men of God and, with God’s power, deal with it before it deals with us. It’s time to evacuate or batten down the hatches!

It’s time to act like men… Amen!