Making Adjustments

Day 1 – Alaska Trip /

Big Red was loaded. She was actually overloaded and tipped the American Airlines scale at 54.5 lbs. The attendant frowned and directed me to step aside and make an adjustment.  Obediently I lifted the big girl off the scale and moved her obese form out of the way. I unzipped her slowly and carefully opened her up so nothing would avalanche onto the floor. Success. Now, what could I transfer that would help reduce her weight to the 50 lb threshold?  Hurriedly I removed several books, a water bottle, and a small bluetooth speaker and transferred them to my computer bag. After closing her back up she weighed in at a sveldt 49.5 lbs. Success! Adjustment made, baggage checked-in. But of course now, my computer bag, was bulging uncomfortably. Maybe I shouldn’t have packed my ax in Big Red. 

Checking through TSA at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport was a breeze. The line was short. The people are friendly. The time from curbside to gate is no more than 20 minutes… unless you are making adjustments to Big Red. 

My short flight from CHA to Charlotte was smooth and uneventful. As I deplaned and entered the CLT terminal I located a schedule monitor but couldn’t locate my next flight. I found out that it was due to the fact that I had a nearly 4 hour layover and they don’t post anything beyond a few hours. I had time to kill so I wandered slowly toward Gate B5 stopping in at shops here and there. Once at the gate I settled in to get some work done on my laptop and make some phone calls. No time to be wasted by this guy. Got stuff to do. 

I had no more gotten situated when I heard over the intercom that my flight was delayed by 2 hours.  My layover now was stretching out to over 6 hours. I wasn’t really happy to hear this since my connecting flight in Phoenix was going to be painfully tight. But no worries. God is in control. And I can make adjustments.  After all, I’m a laid-back kind of guy. Things will work out. 

And things did work out… of course!  My flight from Charlotte to Phoenix was on time so I could catch my flight to Anchorage. Adjustments. Isn’t that what life is all about. Make plans. Make adjustments… leaning on God’s wisdom, guidance, and providence. It’s going to all work out. This reminds me of one of my favorite texts….

“The mind of a man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

What are your plans for the day, for this week, for your life? Whatever your plans may be, expect them to change. Expect to make adjustments. But depend on God for the next steps.