“Address Unknown”

Tomorrow I will be flying to Alaska for the first time. It’s been a place that I’ve always wanted to visit and explore but time, distance, and expense have kept it at a distance. Until now.

Why the intrigue with Alaska?  Well, for me it’s the “Call of the Wild”. It is a place where everything is big and grand. It’s a place where wilderness is still… WILD! It’s a place of big moose and big mountains. It’s home to Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, standing proud at 20,320′ above sea level.  And it’s still standing there, challenging me to knock it off my mountain bucket list.

Another interesting thing about Alaska is that is became our 49th state back in 1959, the same year as my birth. And I’m 59 this year. So, here I go to Alaska on the last month of my 59th year. So, why am I going there now? Why this year?

Well, here’s the simple reason. I recieved an invitation to speak at the Alaskan Wilderness Men’s Retreat and I couldn’t say no!  This annual gathering of wild men takes place at an abandoned gold mining camp along Caribou Creek, in the Talkeetna Mountains.  There is no street address. There is no street. There’s no Amazon or pizza delivery.  It’s a place of grizzly, caribou, and wild men.

The only way in is by foot, ATV/4×4, or bush plane. When you don’t have an address you can refer to landmarks and compass heading or in more modern times, GPS coordinates. And the GPS coordinates for this remote Alaskan Wilderness Retreat are simply (61°54’38.6″N 147°36’38.4″W).  We will meet at the crossing of these lines of longitude and latitude on this planet we call home.

So to me, this week, as I join with my brothers, the Alaskan wild men, it is a convergence of time and place ordained by God.  It’s a time and place where we will experience “The Man of the Cross”, Jesus Christ!  God will always meet up with you at whatever time and place you chose. He’s always there. Take the time and meet Him at the cross.  Address Unknown.