Mt. Rainier Expedition

Greetings Mountaineers,

Mt. Rainier is a massive glacier clad volcano that rises 14,411’ above the Puget Sound. It is a worthy goal of any mountaineer to be sure. I was fortunate enough to climb Mt. Rainier many years ago when I had just turned 18. It was an experience that has quite literally defined much of my life as an outdoor adventurer. I believe that if you decide to climb the mountain you will have an opportunity to achieve something worthy of any “bucket list”! That being said you must understand that half of the people that attempt Mt. Rainier do not reach the summit due to poor weather or poor planning.

Our climbing team will ascend the mountain via Camp Schurman and the Emmons-Winthrop Glacier. And, while this is the longest route on the mountain, it is also the safest and the least crowded. See the attached document for complete details.

Check out the video from our last trip to climb Mt. Rainier!

If you commit to this expedition it is imperative that you start planning now! Download the information packet below and get ready to climb!

Mt. Rainier 2017 – info packet