Mountain Man Rendezvous

So what it the world is the rendezvous all about? Well, a rendezvous or rendez-vous (pronounced ron-deh-voo) refers to a planned meeting between two or more parties at a specific time and place. And, the Mountain Man Rendezvous is a day retreat for men who gather together to escape the clutter and noise of everyday life to regroup, refocus, and get sharp… “as iron sharpens iron”!  You will have, along with a band of brothers, the opportunity to embark on a journey to grow as authentic godly men both during the retreat and in the days ahead… if you so choose.  During our time together you will enjoy…

  • Hearty man-style meals
  • Honest conversations about God, relationships, work, and authentic manhood
  • Mountain man challenges that range from fire building to ax throwing!
  • Inspiring messages and testimonies from other men further along in the journey of life
  • Time alone with God to read, meditate, pray, and journal


  • 8:00 am     Breakfast
  • 9:00           Session 1: Who are you?
  • 10:30         Session 2: Where are you?
  • 12:00 pm   Session 3: How did you get here?
  • 1:30           Lunch
  • 2:00           Session 4:  Where do you want to go?
  • 3:30           Session 5: How will you get there?
  • 5:00           Close

The Mountain Main Rendezvous is only $25!